The Larry Tate Effect

A lot of bad advertising is a result of the Larry Tate Effect. Remember Darrin’s boss on Bewitched, Larry Tate? The Larry Tate effect is when you say or do what you think the client wants to hear  instead of what you know is right.

I read recently how Intel’s agency rejected what the chip giant wanted -ads that talk about how important their products are- and instead convinced them to launch a bold new branding campaign. 

For years Intel advertised its microprocessors —but regular people don’t buy microprocessors they buy a whole computer. Convince folks that Intel stands for superior quality and technology, and they’ll want their computers that have Intel chips. The question is how to do it in a memorable and meaningful way —and that’s what the new campaign, Sponsors of Tomorrow, is all about.

Watch this spot that elevates Intel from cold faceless corporate giant to king of geek chic. And their product isn’t ever shown or talked about.

3 thoughts on “The Larry Tate Effect

  1. Wow, a client actually listening to the people hired for their advertising expertise! Wicked cool.

  2. On the other end of the spectrum we have the wonderful world of local TV, where you have clients telling you to shoot the front of their store.

  3. I think this campaign does a fantastic job of changing the conversation with Intel. For years, Intel was seen as a sleepy giant that rested on its successful, commodity products. Now, it provides an emotional connection to consumers, showing them the quirky, human, and ultra-intelligent side of Intel. If you know anything about the company, you know that this “Sponsors of Tomorrow” tagline is really something they live and breathe. It’s time that the geniuses under the surface got some credit. I also like the fact that during this tough economic climate, Intel is providing an optimistic voice the looks towards a brighter future.

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