The Middle Ages

So let’s just say that a guy turned 60 in November — does that mean that he can’t claim he’s middle aged any more? Asking for a friend.

You see, my friend aches all over like he was beaten with pool cues by a gang of Hell’s Angels. And he’s getting mail from AARP. And he’s taking a handful of pills and supplements and antacids every day. And he’s having some — oh, never mind that one.

He says he’s old, but I don’t know. This guy doesn’t seem that old and people assume he’s a lot younger. But he says the numbers don’t lie, and he has a lot less time ahead of him than he does behind. “My father was dead at 62,” he mused. “By that standard, I’m dead within two years.”

So, anyway Merriam-Webster defines middle aged as, “people between the age of about 40 and the age of about 60.” Wikipedia says, “the period of age beyond young adulthood but before the onset of old age.” That’s vague. Other references call it at 64.

All this talk makes me wonder if it’s time to rethink the tag line at the top of this page:

The fascinating world of a middle aged American man.

Maybe so.

People say that age doesn’t matter. They wouldn’t question my use of “middle aged,” but they might take issue with “fascinating.”

2 thoughts on “The Middle Ages

  1. I know a guy that will be 68 this year with RA and high blood pressure
    Take 5 different pills every day and one day a week take 9 more for the RA.
    But the guy is still on this side of the grass!

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