I don’t think any teenagers read this blog — hell, hardly anybody reads it at all. My overseer at the Times Union was right: leaving their esteemed website cast me into blog purgatory, a place where only my “friends and family” will bother with my nonsense.

But I digress.

If teenagers did read this, I’d offer some advice: you do not need to use a new towel every time you get wet. This became stunningly clear on Saturday morning as I started washing dirty sheets and towels before heading home from vacation. Everywhere I looked I found another towel. Beach towels, bath towels, face towels, wash cloths… What should have been one load of towels became — I have no idea how many. So anyway, here are some procedures:

1. Use towel.
2. Hang up and allow to dry.
3. Re-use towel.

Next year I may ration the towels and only distribute what is needed — or charge for each additional towel. Better yet? Teach them how to use the darn washer and dryer.

8 thoughts on “Towelapalooza

  1. With you 100% . . . . my spawn goes through half a dozen towels a week when she’s home, which require a washer load of their own, while my one carefully-hung towel makes it through the week AND fits in my “put all my clothes in one cold cycle” load. I thought that having to do her own laundry at school for seven years might have cured her of this, but it has not. Maybe next year, I just send her back with a single towel???

  2. In my role as Household Quartermaster, I’ve considering issuing rolls of Brawny Select-A-Size to the two non-compliant members of my household. My ‘Full Metal Jacket’ tirades about using towels twice have been ignored for about forever.

  3. Ha… I’m quite sure your “overseer” was wrong: there are certainly a few readers who are not family…or friends.

    1. In re the Old Blog Plantation . . . . I shared this song with Rob awhile ago, but it’s worth re-sharing here, with special attention due to the lyrical segment beginning at 2:03 in re the internet . . .

      I don’t really care for the fact that this Youtube poster has deemed it the GOP National Anthem, since I think it is sublime enough parody on its own to not require such a reductive title . . . and its sentiments cross party lines in many places . . .

      Andy Prieboy is a musical genius. Well worth hearing, if you haven’t.

      1. I’m afraid some of our more witless citizens might actually miss that it’s satire and cheer the song!

        For those of you who skip listening, please take note of this verse:

        “The Internet he gives to me
        So I may work for him for free
        Just like the old Plantation”

        Overseers indeed.

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