A Turn for the Wurst

These fine wursts came from Rolf’s Pork Store in Albany and were served up during our Oktoberfest/Welcome Home from Afghanistan, Alex Celebration.

Wurst from Rolf's Pork Store

Personally, I think it works very well to heat them gently like this and then finish them on the grill — that way you can avoid overdoing it when browning them. What you don’t want is for them to split and lose all their wursty wonderfulness, so an easy hand is a big plus. Ein prosit!

6 thoughts on “A Turn for the Wurst

    1. Will do. We need to support places like that — otherwise we’ll be stuck with the supermarket “butchers.”

    1. Sausages like that, such as bockwurst and weisswurst, are distincly different than their darker, more heavily spiced cousins. They have a more delicate flavor that would remind you of a Hoffman’s Snappy Griller, the well known white hot dog of Syracuse:


      It will be hard to enjoy my salad at lunch after all this sausage talk.

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