The Great Urinal Brouhaha of 2012

You may recall that I wrote about the gentlemen on my floor who don’t bother flushing the urinal, but now it appears what we have is a plumbling problem. No, not a problem with their plumbing, a problem with the urinal. The darn thing just doesn’t flush properly.

I called the building staff about this, and they claimed that after a thorough check they found nothing wrong. Oh, really? Maybe they need to see for themselves through the magic of video.

I used food coloring to represent what you usually find in a urinal: urine.

As you can see, that urinal has serious problems. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to spring this damning evidence on them; before I could display the results of my analysis (urinalalysis?), they admitted that there’s nothing they can do to fix the problem. Ha!

I’ll take this as a moral victory, if something to do with urinals can be considered a moral victory. Better than nothing.

One thought on “The Great Urinal Brouhaha of 2012

  1. I can tell you’re really pissed over this.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… oh, man, I kill me.

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