I take a shortcut through a walkway in downtown Albany that takes me below the steps in front of the Times Union Center.

When I started walking this way, I noticed that every single morning there was a guy out here with a bucket and mop cleaning all around the dark nooks and crannies. Wow! They do an amazing job of keeping this place tidy, I thought. It smells like bleach — which to me is the odor of CLEAN.

Then one day the bucket and mop guy wasn’t there — and the entire area reeked of urine. Ackkkk! Apparently, this is Albany’s favorite spot to urinate, which makes perfect sense. There are a couple of bars nearby and lots of street people — not to mention all the beer drinking at the arena — so the urinating is understandable.

Because I always have to go to the bathroom, I find this interesting — but just for the record, I do my best to find a bathroom.

I think the mayor should stop down here and have a look; if we clean up around Albany as if people are peeing everywhere, it would surely be a better place. And the mayor could stop worrying about Alex Trebek dissing the city.

6 thoughts on “Urinetown

  1. Oh that’s nothing. You should try using the walkway between the TUC and the Egg/Concourse. You can call that “Pooptown.” There’s human feces in practically every corner!

  2. A modest proposal: They should cut a trench along one wall and run water through it. Then people could just urinate in there and it would be swept away. Maybe the water could flow too a fountain of some sort? Then this “problem” becomes a public art project. See what we can come up with if we just think outside the box?

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