Waiting for Dick

An actual conversation while watching Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve:

“God, this is awful. When do they drag Dick Clark on?”

“Dick Clark is dead!”

“Well that will really be something if they bring him out, then.”

2 thoughts on “Waiting for Dick

  1. Weirdly, in Iowa, people watch the Times Square Ball Drop at 11 PM . . . and that’s pretty much it. No need to stay up ’til midnight local time to get credit. We were at friends’ house, so I could not control the television . . . but I could not actually watch the final run-up to the ball drop and the aftermath because idiot anti-Vaxxer Jenny McCarthy (!!!) was on-screen every time I looked. How does someone who has done so much harm get such a choice gig? (Well, beyond the obvious answer related to her willingness to display her breasts). Horrible. I grieve for the soul of my nation. And its intelligence.

    1. Allowing her on that broadcast — and to host The View — gives her a platform for her quackery. Even if she doesn’t utter a word about vaccines, ABC is giving her credibility.

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