About the Weather

There used to be a guy who owned a large retail store who would complain to local TV stations about their weather forecasts.

He’d call up the general manager say something like, “Hey! I’m spending tons of money in your newscast to advertise my big weekend sale and your weatherman keeps scaring everybody by talking about about some big snowstorm! Nobody will leave their house!”

Complaining about the meteorologist is nothing new — but a town in Belgium is finally doing something about it. Sort of. The mayor of Knokke is leading an effort to sue a private weather forecasting service for spoiling the beach community’s tourist season. How? With their forecasts of dismal weather.

Mayor Leo Lippen tells NPR, “We have a fantastic climate here and to give the impression it is disgusting is disgusting.”

Personally, I’d rather have a hole drilled in my skull than listen to people bitch about weather forecasts. Meteorologists will tell you that it’s not a guarantee, but a prediction using the data they have and what they know about weather systems.

If you are smart you’ll place no value in long range forecasts. And always bring an umbrella.

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