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The Unbarkables
In his new book, The Secrets of the FBI, author Ronald Kessler tells how agents deal with meddlesome dogs during black bag operations. When making entry into a house, they will knock out the resident pooch with a dart gun. Yes, that sounds risky (to the animal), but in preparation for the operation, the dog is photographed and a consulting veterinarian decides on the appropriate dosage. Before leaving, they administer a counter medication to wake the dog up. Is your dog is acting strangely? Maybe the FBI was in your house.

Dude, Your Dog is Glowing
Researchers using gene therapy developed a beagle that glows in the dark under UV light. This calls to mind when I was a teenager and my friend had a black light in his basement. We’d sit down there and listen to albums and do the things that teenage boys will do. He had some of those cool posters that glow — but if he had a beagle that glowed, that would have been truly freaky, man.

Does your dog need to get centered? Perhaps dog yoga is the answer. New York City veterinarian, Dr. Robin Brennen, tells Reuters:

“I witnessed the demeanor of the animals changing during the class. They’ll come in barking, seven, eight, nine dogs in room, but by the end of the session, they’re sleeping. They’re in savasana (the final resting pose).”

You really need to see this to believe it. Here’s a news story from 2010:

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