Your Opinion Matters (not)

I’ve been struggling with how to say this, so if I don’t get it right, please forgive me, but here it goes:

Nobody cares about your opinion.

Nope. Nobody gives a hoot what you think. Oh, wait — this is not to suggest that you shouldn’t express yourself. Please, by all means tell us what you think.

Please give us your take on COVID. Are you a hardcore mask NAZI virophobe who condemns everyone who leaves their house or has meaningful contact with other humans? Or maybe you think the whole thing is stupid, and the overly cautious are paranoid imbeciles addicted to drama.

Do tell.

And the protests. Actually, we’re dying to hear how much you hate the evil cops. Or how you think the people abused by the police truly deserved it. Or how you went to a protest and walked around with a cardboard sign.

Good on you. You are better than us.

Once there was a time when the world was a better place. Do you know when it was better? When we didn’t have a way to instantly express everything that goes through our heads.

That may sound funny from a guy who’s written blog posts for more than 15 years, but here’s the thing: I don’t think my opinions are important, nor do I expect anyone else to think that they are. That’s what I found so puzzling about the whole Albany Eye thing. Why would anyone care what some idiot writes about local TV and newspapers?

But thank you for visiting, anyway. It’s nice to have someone hear it when you shout into the void, and maybe that’s the point.

3 thoughts on “Your Opinion Matters (not)

  1. First: welcome back. You have been missed.
    Second: I may always have an opinion but remember that they are like assholes: everyone has one but you don’t want to hear or see it.
    Third: if you really want to know…… COVID sucks and I wear a mask in public. More because my wife and children are immuno-compromised so it could really hurt if I brought it home. However, I think the politicians were trying to use one-size-fits-all approach to lockdown and screwed upstate and rural people because NYC. And the corporate pandering (we know how hard it is in these trying times…..) Make me want to start a list of Who not to buy from just because it pisses me off.
    Fourth: protesters….. We get it. Now stop because you run the risk of alienating the people you are trying to “reach”. To the point now that we all feel like we are getting pummeled and starting to blowback.
    Fifth: cops. There is a meme out that says all Muslims should not be called terrorists because of the actions of a very small minority. Neither should cops. Nor corrections officers ( I spent five years doing employee discipline at DOCCS. The bad eggs truly are the exception).
    Sixth: really welcome back! I do not always agree with you but like your insights, humor, and you can’t be all bad because you love dogs.

    1. Thanks! Trying to squeeze a little more juice out of this dry old brain.

      Masks? I wear mine faithfully, and gloves, too, truth be told.

      Lockdown? So unfair that Lowe’s rakes in the bucks while some small retailer is forced to close.

      Protests? They reinforce the ideas people already hold and help the protesters feel good about themselves.

      Cops. Mostly good, but their training is flawed. Many — and I’ve seen it up close — escalate too quickly. Every problem is not a nail.

      Dogs? Proof that there is a higher power.

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