You’ve Gotta Have People

The best thing about a powerful job is that you get people. People to handle the details. People to process the boring stuff. People to talk to people you don’t want to talk to. People to do the dirty work.

Yeah, when you’ve got people you have space and time to think big thoughts and do cool things. Your people look out for you.

But sometimes they don’t, which must explain this picture.

NY State Senators Robert Jackson of Manhattan (left) and Rachel May of Syracuse (center). Photo: Politico

These New York State Senators standing behind that ill-conceived banner are supposed to have people. People who say, “Whoa, hold up! You can’t have your picture taken with that fucking thing! In case you didn’t notice, that’s a PLANE HEADING FOR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER! Offensive metaphor! Step away!”

Too late. Like a moth to flame they got themselves in front of that camera.

The senators later claimed that they didn’t notice what was on the banner. Seriously? What would have gotten your attention,  a swastika?

But I don’t blame those senators any more than I’d blame my 18-month-old grandaughter for knocking a lamp off the table. No, I’d blame the person who was supposed to be watching her. You look away for two seconds and see what the hell happens.

Yeah, you’ve gotta have people.

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