Head for the Mountain (Brew)

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Good beer is a glorious thing — but there’s a place for cheap quaffable brews like Coors Light or Keystone on a hot Summer day, especially when served bone-chillingly cold. You don’t gaze at the head on a beer like this and contemplate its complex personality. No, you guzzle it down your burning throat to put out the fire and numb your brain.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Stewart’s Mountain Brew Beer Ice.

Stewart’s sells Mountain Brew for the stunningly low price of $2.99 a six pack, but you can pay a premium — as I did — for a single can at $.75. Who could resist the packaging, with its Olympics-style graphics of people engaged in various sports? Mountain Brew Beer Ice is presumably for after sports, not before or during.

Pouring the can, I was surprised by its golden color and hearty head. As for the taste, I found it unpleasantly sweet. I’m not an expert in writing about beer, just drinking it, so here’s what a few people said at Beer Advocate:

“Smell seems to be metallic, rice like and not too pleasing. You really need to stuff the sniffer in the glass in order to get a whiff. This may not be worth it though, as I said, scent is not very good at all.”
“It smells like a dirty sock and tastes like leftover bologna.”
“I’d rate the drinkability on this brew around average, due to an excellent price, and surprisingly easiness to put away a few when served at the proper temperature, ice cold.”

Examining the can a little more closely I found what I was looking for: “Genesee Brewing Company, Rochester, NY.”

Moutain Brew is Genny. That’s not as big a surprise as “Soylent Green is people” but what do you want for $.75? So… what’s your favorite cheap beer?

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