I was sitting at the computer yesterday when the cat walked in with a roll of toilet paper.

Not a sheet of paper or a wad of paper, but an entire roll. It turns out that if you leave a new roll sitting on the vanity or back of the toilet, Mia will find it. And she then carries it off — in her mouth. And tears it to pieces.

It’s impressive that such a little thing can carry around a roll of toilet paper in her mouth. And funny? You bet! I laugh and laugh as I go around the house picking up tiny scraps she’s peeled off and scattered around.

What’s better is finding that Mia’s gotten into the bathroom closet and stolen the last roll, leaving you to do your pitiful business with bits and pieces of shredded tissue. No big deal, you can always wash your hands. And what  the hell, toilet paper is cheap.

I’ve never been in one of those houses where people keep scores of cats, but if one cat can cause this kind of mayhem, imagine what 30 of them could do.

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