On Cussin’ & Comments

Someone asked if profanity would be allowed here on Keyboard Krumbs. Good question!

I don’t think so, not because I find it offensive, but because it could cause this site to be blocked by software that stops you from reading curse words. Like at at the office. Hey, everybody knows that reading curse words will rot your brain.

That said, feel free to use the asterisk method of disguising your cursing. For example, sh*t, fu**, pi**, motherfu**er, co**sucker, and so on. You get the idea.

As for the C-word, please don’t use it unless it’s part of a direct quote, like in this line from the movie Kick Ass: “Alright you c****, let’s see what you can do now.”

You may also use the comic book symbol method, which is always more fun, as seen in this Porsche commercial.

As for a comment policy, post whatever you like, but if it’s rude, stupid, or off-topic it gets deleted.

This is a far cry from the Times Union’s interesting policy, which states that comments with profanity or personal attacks will be rejected. That’s actually only half right. They’ll allow personal attacks all day long — as long as there’s no profanity. For example, how about this comment regarding a recent news story involving yours truly:

“The home owner should have put a bullet through the kid.”

That’s the kind of sh*t that should never be published, and and I won’t work for a website that allows it. If you want to be associated with an organization which does, be my guest. I’m sure you’ll get lots of hits.

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