Pulp Faction

The world may not be upside down, but the newspapers are.I always peruse the headlines while waiting in line at the coffee shop — but with some difficulty lately because the papers are always upside down.

This is the sort of thing you take for granted and never think about: when newspapers are displayed properly, the top is toward the back of the rack so consumers can read the headlines. Obvious, right?

So, what kind of person would put them in upside down? Someone who does not value newspapers.

Wait — I’m not saying that the twenty-something young lady behind the counter is poorly informed, just that she probably gets her news online rather than from printed newspapers. To her newspapers are probably just these annoying things she has to deal with at the beginning of her shift that stain her fingers black. Whatever. Why don’t you just read the news on your phone, you old fool?

I’ve considered offering some friendly advice about displaying the papers, but all too often friendly advice ends up sounding neither friendly or like advice. Another solution would be to discreetly reposition the papers every morning when I go in. This would peg me as merely nuts instead of hostile and nuts, so maybe I’ll give that a shot.

5 thoughts on “Pulp Faction

  1. At $2.50 per day, the NYT should be displayed under glass. I ended up subscribing to the online NYT Crossword, so I lie to my computer now instead of filling in random letters.

    1. No, $2.50 ain’t cheap, but you really do get a lot of content. I’ll buy a copy of the Times and get several days of lunch hour reading on top of the crossword. It’ll take a half-hour to get through certain flimsy local dailies in unnamed upstate NY cities.

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