Albany Cries Fowl

When we moved to the quiet dead end street in Albany it was a block of owner occupants, in fact several of the two family houses had empty flats. The old timers who’d been there for sixty years would only rent to family members; they’d never dream of having a stranger in the house.

But the shift from homeowners to absentee landlords happened overnight, and then we were out of there. I’ve never regretted leaving — until now. It occurs to me today that the deep backyard would have been perfect for chickens.

For those of you outside the area, there’s been a huge fight over allowing people to raise chickens on their property. It’s a long story, but now it looks like the chicken people have finally won.

I don’t know if chickens could have kept me in Albany, but it sure would have made things more interesting — and maybe been a reason to stay. So congratulations to you, fair defenders of all things fowl.  Here’s a song to celebrate:

2 thoughts on “Albany Cries Fowl

  1. It would help us out a lot if you could send this as an email to Mayor Jennings, who at this time is deciding whether to sign or veto the amendment. His email is

    Thanks for the post. I’ve had many friends say the same thing, and this is the reason I’ve been so involved in the campaign.

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