There are some things about blogs that I hate, like when people allow their site to sit idle for months at a time.

I have become what I hate.

What I hate more is when people write about why they haven’t been writing. I’m always like, “Oh, shut the fu*k up and just write a post. We’re here to read what you wrote, not why you didn’t write something.”

I’m about to become that, too.

There was a time I could churn out interesting (in my opinion) blog posts on a regular basis. I’ve always figured that once was the minimum one should try to hit, and if you don’t have anything to say once a week, maybe you shouldn’t have a blog.

Based on that, I shouldn’t have a blog.

But best I can figure, this isn’t about interesting topics. I have loads of random ideas about things that could be a blog post, and in fact, I can usually take just a tiny thread of thought and make it into something sort of relevant.

So what’s going on?

I think it’s the thing my young management consulting friends call bandwidth. This refers to the amount of resources needed to complete a task, and in my case, I just haven’t had the bandwidth to focus on this thing. Extra demands at work and home eat up my mental energy in a way they didn’t used to. Things that were once easy now require more effort.

This is funny because I’m in very good physical condition right now, better than I’ve been in a couple of years. But my bandwidth? It just ain’t what it used to be.

The irony. I expected this to be the other way around.

8 thoughts on “Bandwidth

  1. No rules
    just wander thru from time to time
    maybe a tickle for ideas?

    Glenmont fire house building misadventure?
    Delaware ave road diet?
    who are those people standing at the 4 corners from time to time?
    Delmar farmers market dying a slow death?
    Where do Delamrtians go in the summer? do they all go to cape Cod?
    It’s my 50th high school reunion year, why dont I care?

    1. I think there are a couple of keepers in there. I always hated the whole Cape Cod thing — and reunions definitely intrigue me.

  2. I know there are probably a dozen “blogging about not blogging” posts in my archives over the years. It can even get more meta . . . “Blogging about not blogging about blogging about not blogging”.

    I like the concept of bandwidth here. Interestingly, after five or so years of ever decreasing volume, I noted recently that I have already posted more in first six months of 2019 than I did in all of 2018. Which made me glad that I had not shut it all down at the deepest trough of the ebb, though I seriously considered doing so a bunch of times. Guess I gained some bandwidth back.

    Glad to see you back, in any event! You are a good enough read that I am happy to have whatever signal you broadcast!

  3. Rob, welcome back as well. It was a very cool seeing your new post. I liked the “bandwidth” analogy. I do not have a Blog , but can it appreciate how it effects other parts of my life.

  4. I was afraid the Owl in the Box had attacked you on the stairs of your office building… wait… there’s a podcast for that.

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