Bobble Brackets (Vote for Benita!)

Since my NCAA bracket is a complete freakin’ mess, I thought I’d turn my attention to something even bigger: the Tri-City ValleyCats Bobblehead contest.

I realize I’m a little late to the game, but take my word for it, all my round one bobblehead picks made it to the elite eight. It’s not like I’m trying to tell you I had Cornell, St. Mary’s, and Northern Iowa, is it?

After studying the competition I’m pulling for Benita Zahn and Lydia Kulbida in the finals. Talk about drama! Who wouldn’t want to see the former anchormates go at it, bobblehead to bobblehead?

And my pick for champ? Benita Zahn.

The Benita contest is the only one that’s still close, so folks, we’re going to need your help. Go online today and cast your vote. I’ve found that you can get away with voting several times a day — Chicago style — so give it up for the Capital Region’s best health reporter.

Bobble Bracket

5 thoughts on “Bobble Brackets (Vote for Benita!)

  1. If it’s any consolation, I heard today that of the 4.7 million brackets on not a one has them all right. Mine is downright pathetic!

  2. Actually, I’m perfect through the first two rounds. It’s real simple. I watch the game, see who wins, THEN write that team’s name down in the bracket sheet. Foolproof!

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