Burger Bites Man

Every year, local reporters and photographers head to Scotia — a place typically avoided unless there’s a murder or a particularly interesting fire — to cover the opening of Jumpin’ Jack’s Drive-In, the ad hoc beginning of spring in the Capital Region.

You know what would be news? If Jumpin’ Jacks DIDN’T open — yet every year we get the same damn story. Here’s an example from last year. Sorry in advance for the terrible video player.

I’ll admit, it’s not a bad piece — but for Christ’s sake, what are you going to say about Jumpin’ Jack’s that hasn’t been said a hundred times? By EVERYBODY IN TOWN:

Whatever — it’s not a crime to be lazy. Everyone should have a day a to just Jack off once a year. Sorry, I had to go there,

In that video, one of the people who lined up for the opening day festivities pretty much summed it all up: “We don’t have much going on here.”

2 thoughts on “Burger Bites Man

  1. My personal favorite is the HOLIDAY TRAVEL MAKES AIRPORT BUSY stories we get every Thanksgiving.

    You used the word lazy, but I’ll go one step beyond: many of the people sitting in local newsrooms are also stupid. These are people who have no interesting or original ideas and it shows in their work.

    1. Well, many of them are quite bright, but yes, original ideas are in short supply. I think there’s deeper problem — and I believe you know this to be true — with time and resources. Maybe if people had some time to consider their work and develop stories we’d see better content. Everybody is expected to do more: web, more newscasts, social media — it’s probably a struggle just to get through the day. I guess we can’t blame somebody for saying, “Oh, thank God it’s Jumpin’ Jack’s day. There’s one less thing I need to worry about.” Kind of sad, really.

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