How Cold Is It?

It’s so cold that the milk froze before I could get home and bring it into the house.


4 thoughts on “How Cold Is It?

  1. I was glad I met the truck this morning before I headed out to work, as I’ve had this happen on occasion in the past. The wailing of the children when we are Meadowbrook milkless…egad.

    Grateful to have made it through another eggnog season with only a slight uptick in cholesterol numbers to show for it. They do theirs right.

    1. Ah, the eggnog. We had a gallon of it waiting for my son when he was on leave from the Marines. Oh, to be 19 again.

  2. Indeed — that’s a fine homecoming beverage!

    I enjoy a small glass or two and leave the rest to my three boys — they still have age/activity level/metabolism on their side.

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