Dogs and Cats Living Together

OK, I hope you’re not having lunch.

It’s no secret that dogs do disgusting things, often involving eating or rolling in vile stuff, but I have recently observed another revolting dog behavior.

Maddy has gotten into the business of feline hygeine and will assist the cats by licking them clean. If she were just helping groom their faces that would be OK. Cleaning their ears? Mildly offputting, but still sort of cute. But no, she’s been licking their asses.

The cats? They seem to enjoy it.

What could possibly explain this horrible behavior? My theory is that she’s acting on her maternal instincts, that she’s keeping the cats tidy in the same way she’d tend to puppies. Or maybe she just likes the way it tastes.

Either way, in case you needed more evidence that dog’s mouths are not really cleaner than ours, there you have it.

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    1. Pete, let’s make a deal: if you you don’t bust my chops about what I write, I won’t make fun of you for reading the lady blogs.

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