Here’s Your Shovel, What’s Your Hurry?

At the TV station, we used to get complaints about running spots for our school closing coverage. The problem? The commercials would always show how thrilled children are to have a snow day. In the ads, they’d hear that school was cancelled and begin wildly celebrating. Like here:


The people who complained about this were usually educators. They felt we were sending the wrong message by suggesting that a day off from school is a reason to dance around your living room.

I suppose we could have shown children bitterly disappointed that school was postponed, screaming and crying over being forced to stay home. That might have been funnier because it goes against type — but the truth is,  to a ten-year-old a snow day is like hitting the lottery.

Me? I’ve come to see snow days as a throwback to agrarian times, when children were a source of labor. Closing school means that someone will be around all day to help clear the driveway.

For the next few years I won’t have to worry about buying a snow blower. Unfortunately, when the kid leaves for college is when I’ll least be able to afford one.

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