The Jesus Limo

It turns out I’m not the only one who’s seen the “Jesus limo” — and today it showed up in front of my office downtown.

The white stretch limousine belongs to the Eternity Church on Clinton Avenue in Albany — and it’s not just to get people thinking about religion. Minister Ivan Shkinder told me that while some churches have a bus or van, his uses the limo to help people get around town to jobs, appointments, or the doctor’s office.

Yes, I peeked in the back. No, Jesus was not in there — but considering how they use car, maybe he really is riding along.

7 thoughts on “The Jesus Limo

  1. Forget the Jesus Limo… I want to find the guy who’s still driving a Duane’s Toyland panel truck around the Capital District. That would be way cool to see!

    1. The limo’s got some wear and tear. Still perfectly good, but not what you would want if you were renting one. They probably got a good deal.

  2. I think somebody should get a black limo and put the word “satan” on top of it. Then have a drag race of biblical proportions.

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