Hey, everybody: see this mug? This is the mug that I drink coffee from every single morning, so I’d like to suggest that we refrain from putting these things in there:

-Cigarette butts and ashes
-Bacon grease
-Assorted garbage, such as gum or candy wrappers
-Used personal care products

And just because maybe I accidentally left this coffee mug in your room doesn’t mean you can deposit disgusting items in there. I will not mention what I found in there last week.

Also: if you are a guest in my house and require a receptacle to hold something overnight, like, ohhhh… let’s say a partial denture, I would be happy to provide you with an appropriate container. My coffee mug is not an appropriate container.

You are welcome to use this mug for enjoying a hot beverage, but not between the hours of 4am and Noon. If you do use it, please put it in the dishwasher rather than in the sink along with everything else you all leave for me to clean up.

Thank you,

The Proprieter

3 thoughts on “Muggings

  1. It must be a “guy” thing! We have a cabinet full of mugs, and my husband also gravitates to only one of the mugs in there. His has a crack up the side of it! It’s cream color with nothing on it. On the flip side, I have chosen to use some of our extra mugs as pen and pencil holders, in different areas of the house. At least denture “germs” can be sanitized out. I am afraid that if anyone tried to reclaim one of mine, there would be more problems get ink drips out of the bottom. Great writing, but it’s difficult to empathize. Sorry!

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