No Littering

Maeve, litter magnet.

In our house, I’m the guy who changes the cat litter.

If you figure 18 years of changing the litter once a week, that puts us at over 900 litter box cleanups. On top of that, we’ve had multiple cats for over a decade — and for the last year there have been three cats and three litter boxes. You do the math, it’s mind boggling.

As a great supporter of buying local, I make sure our cats poop and pee in a homegrown product, Cedarific Cat Litter, made up in Warrensburg. That’s the same town where you’ll find Oscar’s Smoke House, purveyors of the world’s best bacon. Just as Oscar’s bacon sticks to your ribs, Cedarific sticks to your cats. You find the stuff everywhere

Cedarific is wonderful and it keeps the cats happy, but it seems attracted to the electrical charge cats generate when their furry little legs rub together. Maybe if I spray the cats with an anti-static product, we can fix this problem. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Meanwhile, watch this odd cat litter spot that features people smelling clumps of urine soaked litter, and — wait for it — actually eating cat litter. Ack!

8 thoughts on “No Littering

  1. And here I always thought cats were smarter than dogs. Although they are both smarter than us. Example….every morning I see people walking their dogs through Washington park carrying a bag of poop. If aliens came down, who do you think that they would think is in charge?

  2. I have used the Feline Pine for a year or so. I like it so much better than litter. I had been using the pellets of the pine but switched to the “clumping”/shavings. I like how it works but the tracking drives me crazy. I feel the need to constantly vaccuum. I just switched to the Swheat Litter and it works as well but less tracking. How is the cost on the Cedarific?

    BTW- I have three cats also, but one litter box that I clean every 2 days. It’s been sufficient for now.

  3. I love the Breeze cat litter system; unfortunately, it seems to be available at only one Walmart in the entire area. I wonder if I could use the Breeze box with a different type of litter? It’s the only one that’s actually worked well for me, and The Kitty can’t track that stuff too far from the box.

  4. Cat litter made from corn? We’re using a food source for cat litter? There are people starving on this planet and we’re using FOOD for CAT LITTER?

    God’s gonna get us for that one.

    1. Just Roz…: They can probably sell it for more as cat litter than they would get for it on the market as food. It’s always about money.

  5. Zenzele, I use the Breeze system, too. You can also find the products at Target and Pet Supplies Plus. They’re cheapest at Target, then WalMart, then PSP. Target’s worth paying attention to, as they often go on massive sale. (Last year, I was able to buy pads and pellets for $1.50/ea – I bought them out of the store’s supply.)

    It’s also available online in bulk discount purchases, which I am thinking about moving to now that I don’t live as conveniently close to a Target.

  6. I applaud the sentiment to support local products…but damn. Arm and Hammer clumping litter is vastly superior to anything else I’ve used; nothing else comes close. A quick scoop in the morning (or every other morning) and all is well with my two boys.

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