One With Everything

In which the nuances of Australian humor are lost on the 14th Dalai Lama. I would love to see this guy interview the Pope.

3 thoughts on “One With Everything

  1. Rob – I saw this spin piece on CNN with the tagline “Reporter Becomes Butt of his Own Joke”….in all candor -the tagline was wrong, it was a GREAT joke!!! I felt worse for the Dalai Lama who has obviously never had a New York slice of heaven…!! ; )

    1. I think the Dalai Lama should start working that joke into his material.

      But seriously, that reporter deserves a medal for being ballsy enough to use the joke. That’s classic.

  2. …I agree…’Good on ‘im’….and I guarantee that Pope Benedict knows what a pizza parlor is…!! How else can you live in an Italian neighborhood?? ; )

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