Politics and Thongs

TU blogger Teri Conroy is profiled in the TU today. If you don’t read her, Teri writes about life on the farm — and she does a great job of making me wish I didn’t have to spend my day sitting in an office.

Asked about her advice for bloggers, she says to write from your heart, and that if you just care about hits and comments, “Write about politics and thong underwear.” I think if you want hits, use provocative headlines.

Anyway, I don’t care too much about about Web traffic, but I do feel a slight responsibility to help the paper make some money, so today let’s talk politics and thongs.

I used to scoff at people who say we should throw the bums out of office. Not anymore.
Closing the state parks and failing to pass a budget has pushed me over the edge, and now I say that your state senator and assemblyman have to go, no matter who they are. Not fair? Too bad. If you’re not sure who represents you at the Capitol, you can look it up here. Then go to November 2 on your calendar and and write their names in red ink with this note: VOTE AGAINST THESE PEOPLE TODAY.

From the bad idea department, a  Boulder, CO man was arrested in a thong related incident.

Police made their first arrest under Boulder’s new public nudity law Thursday, taking into custody a man who they said was begging in the nude on a highway off-ramp while wearing thong underwear on his head.

Bonus Item!
Amusing video is also big on the internet, so let’s watch what happened in New Orleans last week when some anchor banter went very, very badly. Look: when you talk for a living, sooner or later you’ll say something stupid.

8 thoughts on “Politics and Thongs

  1. The video was hysterical! I’m glad you did your part for the T.U. today with your headline. I’m sure you’ll get a bonus in your paycheck!
    Thanks for the smiles today, Rob!

  2. The reaction on the anchor in the middle is just about perfect. Thx for this find!

  3. “So she’s enjoying penis a little bit more, is she?”

    Penis is a fine word, but it might have been better to substitute it with something else. Maybe the phrase, “Her love life,” would have worked?

    Good thing he didn’t say “the penis,” because that would have sounded like he was just trying to be funny. I don’t think he was trying to be funny.

  4. I kind of like it that it’s out there (the comment, not the penis). You see that a lot on the news in these silly stories. They want to make the allusion and sort of be risque, being dirty without being forthright enough to be dirty. I think they should just go ahead and say what they mean without dancing around it.

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