Get Sauced (and Squashed)

Weeknight dinners are a bear. Well, OK, maybe not a bear, because a bear would go out and forage for something or just eat a squirrel — or better yet, sleep through the winter. But we can all agree that it’s a bitch getting dinner on the table during the week.

Meetings, school stuff, youth sports — who has time to cook? But even on the craziest weeks, it’s good to try to make at least one really decent sit-down dinner. I like trying new recipes and this week stumbled across a winner on my favorite food site, Serious Eats: Butternut Squash and Sage Cream Sauce.

Was it good? If someone put this in front of you in a restaurant you’d be licking sauce off the plate — or at least soaking it up with your napkin and eating it. I served it with rigatoni, which has enough surface area to accommodate this hearty stuff; I bet it would also be perfect as a bed for some ravioli.

There you go! You can do it in an hour as long as you don’t make the rookie mistake of forgetting to boil your pasta water. And if it all seems like too much work, there are plenty of squirrels in the backyard.

2 thoughts on “Get Sauced (and Squashed)

  1. Nice! I will try this one. BJ’s has “pre cubed” butternut squash to make this even easier…something I’m always looking for to make the quick weekday dinner!

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