Christmas Unwrapped

One of the most delightful Christmas traditions is criticizing the Christmas traditions of other people.

Whether it be how the lights are hung outside or present opening protocol (midnight v. morning), we’re all pretty sure that we are right and everyone else is wrong.

For example, here is an actual conversation I overheard recently in a house much like my own:

Did you know that (name ommitted) doesn’t wrap her kids’ Christmas presents?

So who wraps them, then?

Nobody. They go under the tree unwrapped.

Unwrapped? You mean the kids come down on Christmas morning and their presents aren’t wrapped?

That’s right.

That’s messed up. Why don’t they wrap the presents.

Her parents did it that way.

And why didn’t her parents wrap the presents?

I don’t know.

You know what kind of people don’t wrap their presents?

(Number one son chimes in from other room) Communists!

I think communists discourage religion.

(Number one son) Yes, they discourage it by not wrapping their presents.

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