Our dog Callie just turned a year old.

This is the fourth dog we’ve had — and they’ve all been very different — but this one has a peculiar habit: she’s very attentive what’s on the TV. She’s especially interested in any sort of animal, but it’s dogs and horses that really get her wound up.  Sometimes she’ll go and look outside, as if the TV is a window and all these animals are out on the lawn.

Callie is an irrepressible goofball, always clowning around or running off with your socks, insisting on being the center of attention. Our older dog gets mildly annoyed, but she’s better for it; having a puppy in the house has been good for everyone.

I’d forgotten how much work it is to raise a dog, but now we’re beginning to see the work pay off. She’s gradually settling into adulthood, and as her more challenging behaviors recede, we see her personality emerging.

Every day I do the math. How old will I be when she’s five? How about ten years from now? This is the dog that will usher me to retirement, and god willing, I won’t end up the one who’s barking at the television.

6 thoughts on “Dogvision

  1. Our cat is at least 14 years old and our last pet. We are 62 and 64 years old and don’t want the work or vet bills of caring for a pet. I love dogs but at this point as long as they are someone else’s

    1. Yeah. It’s a real concern. There’s going to come a time — soon — when I can’t be bringing another pet into the home.

  2. Our cat is 14 years old, always an indoor cat. She hasn’t been doing to well lately, has stopped eating. just a matter of time.

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