I’ve been trying to find a way to monetize the pets. Heaven knows we spend a lot of money on them, so it would be nice to see a little ROI for all our TLC.

Then I heard several people complain lately about finding mice in their homes and it dawned on me: Rent-a-Cat. I’m not the first person to suggest renting cats, but this is an idea whose time has come. Why call Catseye when you can have a real cat’s eye on the job?

We’ve go three cats in our house who are up to the work. I figure $100 a week is fair. If you want more than one cat at a time we can talk. Here’s what’s in stock:

Maggie: A large calico with a bad attitude. This cat will not merely catch the mice but shred them into little to pieces. It may be difficult to confirm her kills if you have dogs. In my experience dogs are more likely to eat dismembered mice than whole mice.

Maeve: She may not be quick and agile, but she makes up for this with stealth. Maeve is adept at sitting perfectly still for long periods of time waiting for mice to come to her. Maeve can be baited to make her more attractive to mice by rubbing cheese or peanut butter on her head. Rodents find these scents irresistible and will walk right into her clutches.

Mia: Born on the mean streets of Schenectady, Mia combines youth and speed with a killer instinct. Because of her small size she can fit into the places where mice hide and ferret them out. We advise keeping food off your kitchen counter and the garbage can tightly sealed when using Mia.

Local delivery and pickup is free, but shipping is available. Cats arrive at your home in a day or two packed in a padded, vented container. Ask about our rent to own option.

39 responses to “Rent-a-Cat

  1. $100 a week? I solved my mouse problem with some spring-loaded traps and some spray foam insulation. Total cost, about $10.

  2. Now could you bait a cat with bacon? Or would they eat it?

    Oh lord – what would a bacon-baited cat attract?

  3. Farm and Tractor sell an electronic mouse trap, $19.95. Takes 4 AA batteries. One set of batteries is good for 40 kills. Don’t even have to touch the carcass. Open it up and dump ’em out. A little bit of peanut butter and your good to go. Got one in the shed out by the barn. Every once in awhile the little light on the unit is blinking. Scored again.

  4. I think you should have randomly added the words dog or poop to this post. Stick with what’s working.

  5. Ron: How true. I have a dog poop post waiting in the wings, by the way.

    Roon: Good work on curing your rodent problem, but allow me to point out that this service isn’t really for the DIY crowd.

    I would never pay someone to cut my lawn or paint a room in my house, but there a lots of people who shell out good money for things we do by ourselves. Things like killing mice.

    I think we can agree that folks who save money by cutting their own hair aren’t going to pay for cat rental.

  6. But then what if the cat(s) won’t leave? Cats are crazy, and scary. So you’d need to rent a dog to chase it away. Then if the dog won’t leave, and it starts barking at you with its fangs and stuff, you have to rent another animal to chase IT away. Cue the ostrich, the one animal in nature that’ll REALLY freak a dog out. Except now you have this ostrich, and it’s really off-putting, so in comes the badger to chase it off because badgers just don’t give a crap. Now, badger problem. What chases off a badger? Very little, my friend.

    I don’t think you thought this through.

  7. Hey, was that knock on my haircut? For the record, I don’t cut my own hair…my wife does.

  8. Kevin: Badgers? We don’t need no stinking badgers! (Sorry, it had to be done)

  9. Traps are good, but I’ve never seen one that could drop a freshly caught mouse at your feet.

    And unlike a cat, I’d hesitate to put a set trap on my lap and pet it.

  10. Roon: Absolutely not… that looks like the work of a professional.

  11. How many cats are available are these the only ones?

  12. That’s all we have in stock right now. This time of year mice aren’t a big problem, but cats are also good for catching flies and other insects.

  13. hahaha, this is hilarious! What a great idea. If you weren’t so far away from Il I would totally be tempted to rent one of your cats, we could use a good mouser ^_^

  14. (Ok, I know I’m replying to a three-year old post, but I’ll just do it anyways.) Kevin Marshall, did the cat cost ‘two zuzim’?

  15. do u still rent cats? what city r u in?

  16. I’m interested in one of your cats..what’s your email?

  17. Can I Please Rent A Cat

  18. I am in Pittsburgh I would like to rent a cat I have put mouse traps and glue
    traps around my house The Mouse goes around my traps
    I need to rent a cat

  19. SERIOUSLY!!! I’m in nyc and I need a rentacat! One that’s potty-trained. Three days. Please.

  20. I have a very large mouse in my apt in Brooklyn. I live on the ground floor. I’m sure there is more. If you still rent out cats let me know!

  21. Are they still available email me of so

  22. Is this service still offered. Where are you located

  23. maryann anderson

    I am very interested please call me at 415632041 or via email

  24. I would like to rent a male cat, if he gets the job done in two weeks I will adopt him if not just rent

  25. Great idea… do you think the animal society would put this idea down… I really hate cats but I thought I could get a couple good mouth sores and train them like the police train German shepherds It would be a money maker

  26. Is this a serious idea? I’d be interested in testing this out actually. Or is this just a clever way to get a cat-sitter to pay you?

  27. Hi my entire family are extremely afraid of mice/mouse. We
    Ve bought all types of things to get rid of the rodents. We dont want to own the cat but was hoping to rent one of them. Please help!!!!

    • Hi — sorry, but we’re no longer renting. Good luck with the mice; maybe you know someone with a cat who could come and spend a few days. The cat, not the friend.

  28. Have a mouse that won’t leave my apartment need a cat to kill the mouse

  29. Has a mice problem, getting out of hand.

  30. Yes please! Manhattan?

  31. Can tell me where I could rent a cat for a couple of days in New New Jersey

  32. Good Idea But $100 per week is Way Too Much. $100 A Month for EACH Cat would Bring MORE Business To You. That’s what the Big Pet Rental Sites Charge. They Provide Kitty Litter and Medical Check Ups Too. You have a Great Idea. Please Don’t Price Yourself Out Of Business.

  33. This is just what i need. Can we do the beginning if April? Don’t know which cat to choose.


  34. I need a cat for a week.

  35. Mauve sounds cool !!!!

  36. I need to rent a cat for tomorrow for few hours. I have mice in the apartment.

  37. I ,too, have mice.
    Need a short term borrowing, in San Francisco.
    Maybe a week.
    I own a 5 room condo.
    I am allergic, but can suffer through this for good results.

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