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A young lady appearing on the Today Show yesterday surprised host Meredith Vieira by crossing the linguistic DMZ and dropping the C-bomb. Twice! Let’s go to the videotape:


In America, the C-word remains the nuclear option of swear words, a taboo that you should steer away from the way you’d avoid a hornet’s nest hanging from a tree in your front yard. Stay away! Dropping an F-bomb may get you in trouble. The C-word? That could earn you a few unpaid days off, a trip to marriage counseling, or a slap in the face.

The forbidden word is not so forbidden in other places, particularly the UK and Ireland, where it’s c*** this and c*** that all day long. Why the big difference? No idea.

A mini-cultural riot erupted when an internet-only trailer for Kick Ass featured Chloe Moretz as 11-year-old super hero/lethal death machine, Hit Girl, saying “Alright you c****, let’s see what you can do now.” Besides her foul mouth, she also does quite a bit of killing. It seems people were more upset about her saying c*** than murdering people.

It’s not like c*** hasn’t shown up in movies and on TV, and for data on that we turn to IMDB — then there’s this great bit from Curb Your Enthusiasm. What now? Are little girls the ones ushering the c-word down the aisle of common usage in America? How odd.

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