New Slogan! (updated)

Back when I started this thing, Times Union blogmeister, Michael Huber, asked “What should we call it?”

I was like, “Damned if I know!”

He suggested we use Man of a Certain Age, referencing a blog post I’d recently written. I’ve never been thrilled with that name, but whatever. Now, one of my fellow Times Union bloggers described reading this section as a “dive into the shallow thoughts of a man of a certain age.”

That’s a little wordy to be the name of the blog, so I’m adapting it as a slogan and will incorporate it into our branding. Expect to see some online ads like this on the TU:

I’m no graphic designer; hopefully the fine people at the newspaper can help me out here.

25 thoughts on “New Slogan! (updated)

  1. And someone else should change their blog name to “Animal Rights: Only valid when I’m not profiting from cooking them.”

  2. Dear Erin,
    It is better for the soul to be a quiet oasis of peace than to carry such a bitter load of feelings for too long. Move on, as Rob as, to more shallow thoughts of a man of a certain age. Amen.

  3. How about the “Anchovie Rights blog.” You could have a mascot…Andy the Anchovie..he could be begging for his life in a local Pizza shop..a lone tear running down his hairy little cheek.
    ok, now I want pizza.

  4. And through all this, I’m reminded of a track from the J. Geils Band on their Love Stinks album….

    This is the story of a young couple in Portland, Maine.

    While waiting for her husband Don to return home from work, she reaches for
    a can of anchovies. As she spreads the tiny fish across a piece of lettuce,
    she notices a small note at the bottom of the can. Written on it is a
    telephone number. Curious, she dials, and is told, `Don`t move, lady, we`ll
    be right over.` Placing the phone back on the hook, she turns to see three
    smartly dressed men standing in her kitchen doorway. Before she realizes
    what is happening to her, she is rolled tightly in long sheets of cellophane,
    transported to an international airport, and placed on a waiting jet-liner.
    All this being too much for her to comprehend, she passes out.

    Upon awakening, she finds herself in a strange, foreign speaking nation
    (`Dalas nekcihc dna tihs nekcihc neewteb ecnereffid eht wonk ot suineg a
    ekat t`nseod ti.`). Alone, fearing her escape impossible, she seeks comfort
    in the arms of a confidential agent. With the trace of her kiss still warm
    upon his lips, he betrays her to the hands of three scientists who are
    engaged in diabolical, avant-garde experiments previously performed only on
    insects and other small, meaningless creatures. Using her as their subject,
    they are delighted with the results. For the first time, a human being is
    transformed into a (`shhh… it`s secret`).

    Meanwhile, back in Portland, Maine…

    Her husband Don, now chain-smoking 40 packs of cigarettes a day, sits at a
    local bar and has a few beers with the regulars. Bored, everyone`s
    attention turns to the television set that just hangs from the wall.
    (`Welcome to Bowling for Dollars`). Suddenly, crazy Al says, `S-say, Don,
    there sure is something familiar about that bowling ball.` To which a
    terrified Don replies, `Oh my God! That bowling ball! It`s my wife!`

    And the lesson we learn from this story is, next time you place your order,
    don`t forget to say, `No anchovies please’

  5. The posts that I made to the “Animal Wrongs” blog yesterday have today been removed. It’s funny because there is a reply to my now missing post from some sack of summers eve named tina.

    Oh well … I tried!!!

    God forbid anyone disrupt Pat’s echo chamber were his automatons can all tell the Emperor how lovely his new clothes are.

  6. @ Jerry funny how that happened isn’t it? I was going to post something myself in reply to your post, something along the lines of “kudos, Jerry” but when I went back to do this your post was gone already.

    @ Rob I think some local bloggers would appreciate if you keep the duct tape on so you cannot voice your opinions anymore, particularly when it comes to animal rights or hypocrisy.

    Speaking for those of us that can read and enjoy your point of view served up with a good dose of humor “carry on, my good man, carry on”.

  7. Lissa @ # 12 – Sometimes I just can’t help myself. And I can’t go back to the cave right now anyway … we’re having the stalactites steam cleaned and the bearded man from the Geico commercials is re-doing the hunting drawings on the walls.

  8. Ok, my bad, the “douche bag” post from jerry is here…..phew! Better stop the evening glass(es) of vino….

  9. Jerry: That’s crossing the line. I value your comments, but please don’t stray into name calling. It makes you look bad and I get blamed for it.

  10. Tina – The post you left for me on Pat’s blog (now holding at #6 and counting) was meant to be antagonistic, snarky and to provoke a reaction.

    Congratulations … it worked.

    Mr. Madeo – The wording of my reference to tina was conscious and pre-meditated. And given the opportunity, I would have left it or something similar on the “animal rights” blog. However, knowing that no post from me would ever see the light of day over there, I snuck it past you and that was wrong.

    I apologize to you Mr. Madeo and I assure you that it will not happen again.

  11. Hey, Rob! It looks like you are left with an awesome bunch of commentors to keep tabs on. I guess this is what meateaters are really like!!! Just lovely!

  12. Rob,
    Can you check with Teri to see if she is ignoring all comments about Pat on her blog. She doesn’t seem to answer any of them yet posts her “praise to Teri for running a hobby farm” ones. Fine example of you can dish it out but you can’t take it!

  13. Charles: I’m not thrilled with some of these comments, but I can’t really speak to the correlation between meat eating and blog commenter behavior.

    I’m sure someone will cite a study that shows eating meat makes you aggressive — and them someone on the other side will cite some aggressive vegetarians.

    Sues: If Teri doesn’t answer you here, I’ll send her a note about your comment.

  14. Wow, what have I missed all week? It’s going to take the entire weekend to figure it out. Can’t find Teri’s comments to Pat……oh, removed? That sucks.

  15. Do comments about Pat have any relevance to the subjects Teri talks about in her blog (her farm, and what goes on there)? If not, it should be no surprise that the comments are not approved. Pat’s minions have sidetracked far too many conversations on other blogs already.

  16. Rob, what on earth could you have possibly done to the mild and gentle Teri Conroy to wind up with her duct tape across your mouth? Or did Bobby do that? Or perhaps a certain other nameless blogger stole it and framed her?

    Sues, I have disagreed with Teri several times and she’s always let my comments stand. She’s friended me on FB and everything. How narrow-minded of her.

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