The Glenmont Cat Wrangler Rides Again

Back in the fall, I offered the services of my faithful canine companions, Scarlett and Maddy, to clean up Delmar’s cat problem. I’m happy to report that we’ve taken care of business over there and the pesky little buggers are under control.

Next mission: the cats of Colonie.

The TU reports that residents in a neighborhood near Central Avenue are being driven nuts by feral felines. From today’s story:

On North Elmhurst and Rooney Avenues, neighbors say stray cats urinate on their basement windows and turn their gardens into litter boxes.

Yuck! If someone on North Elmhurst or Rooney Avenues offers you some summer squash, just say no. The tale continues:

Animal control won’t come for cats because they are not licensed,” said North Elmhurst resident Jeanine McCartan. She said owners should have to have microchips implanted in their cats. “They can then be tracked back to their owners,” she said.

Animal control and microchips do not hold the solution, I do.

For a modest fee I can bring the dogs around a few times a week to shake up the cat community. It’s really very affordable. Let’s say you come up with 30 people to throw in $10 a week. That’s just $300, for which you receive the services of two well trained Australian Shepherds and a skilled handler. And for a few bucks extra, Maddy can clean out the cat poop in your garden. Remember not to let her lick your face.

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