ARA: How Many Times Have You Written About Dog Poop?

poop bag - photo by rob madeoA reader asks:

Have you ever tallied up how many times the subject of dog poop, picking up dog poop, etc is mentioned in one of your blogs?

That’s a great question, BL. I already knew that dog poop was a running theme in my blog posts, but I’d never actually bothered to keep track. I added them all up and did a little content analysis, throwing in cat poop just for good measure. The results were sort of stunning!

Term Mentions
Dog Poop 24
Dog Crap 6
Cat Poop 5
Cat Crap 1
Dog Poop Mentions in Comments 36
Feces 4
Total 76

The interesting thing is that whenever I mention dog poop, it gets a lot of response. This is obviously something that people find interesting. And anyway, they say write about what you know, and people, I know about dog poop.

Please rest assured that I would never talk about dog poop just to get hits — well, I might if I were paid to write this blog. If they paid me to do this I’d totally pander to the dog poop lovers.

9 thoughts on “ARA: How Many Times Have You Written About Dog Poop?

  1. I heard someone at the TU say that your blog was dog s***. I thought they meant something else entirely!

    I kid, I kid…

    It IS curious how popular the subject of animal feces is with the Capital Region. Hell, Matt Baumgartner has devoted an entire feature on his Friday Puppy blog to dogs taking poops. Which personally I find gross and a bit disturbing, but the readers are eating it up! Not literally.

    These jokes write themselves. I’ll be here all week, folks.

  2. Ha! Are you including your Bethlehem contributions, including the entire blog on the guy who started his own scooper business?

  3. I love my dogs, but llama poop is the best. Looks like little raisinette candies – all exactly the same (called llama beans). It’s also the easiest to clean up and it doesn’t smell! AND they all go in the same spot (a dung pile). With the exception of this one…I never read about dog poop. Yuck.

  4. In case anyone missed this item in the New York Times

    Fran Lee, a preternaturally outspoken consumer advocate whose ardent campaign against dog waste helped bring about New York City’s pooper-scooper law in 1978, died on Feb. 13 at her home in Jerusalem. She was 99.

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