Attention Shoppers

I go shopping the way the Navy Seals go to Pakistan: get in fast, grab what you need, get out. And hopefully you don’t run into anybody while you’re in there.

boscovThis is why “Boscoving” is so mystifying. According to a newspaper insert that showed up at my house, Boscoving goes like this: visit Boscov’s three times a week for a month and they’ll give you a meatloaf pan worth $14.99. Your visits are verified by having your flyer stamped, like a passport, to prove you were in the store.

Really? Twelve times? To Boscov’s? For a $14.99 meatloaf pan?

Wait, I have a better idea: how about I visit your store once give you $14.99 and you hand me the meatloaf pan? Then I’ll come back… oh, I don’t know, maybe when I want to buy something else.

And since I’m ranting, let me mention how irksome it is when people try to turn their brand name into a verb, but since we’re inventing new words, let me suggest a definition for Boscoving: doing something ridiculous in return for a worthless reward. Enjoy your meatloaf.

3 thoughts on “Attention Shoppers

    1. They really sell an odd variety of things, don’t they? I went to a conference once where they told us that “retail is theatre.” If that’s true, then Boscov’s is a comedy, for sure.

  1. I know! I was stunned to see an ad that read ‘did you Boscov today?’ Huh? Really? Why in heavens name would I visit a dept store 3 times a week, let alone 3 times a month…

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