The Berkshire Hotel

Now, I don’t know much about structural engineering, but how long do you think it will be before the shell of the Berkshire Hotel goes tumbling down into the street?

The building is part of Albany’s Wellington Row, a stretch of derelict structures within spitting distance of the capitol. This prime location has been targeted for redevelopment that would preserve the historic facades that line the street, but it seems to be going nowhere. Meanwhile, we can just wait while it all falls to pieces one brick at a time.

Stroll through downtown and marvel at its vacant lots and empty buildings. Welcome to Albany.

7 thoughts on “The Berkshire Hotel

  1. Sad but rather typical here in u’Merica don’t you think? Knock down that old shit despite its glorious historical architecture and put up some tacky, poorly made structure that we’ll rip down in 30 years again to replace with yet another awful building. If they could demolish Penn Station to build Madison Square Garden, all hope is lost. It’s how we roll.

    1. Sadly, we often wait so long to re-use old buildings that it’s too late or prohibitively expensive. Twenty years ago would have been a great time to to something with Wellington Row. Twenty years? Isn’t that how long Jennings has been in office?

  2. I’ve always been surprised that Albany doesn’t require covered or armored sidewalks in front of these building like NYC does. I guess the owners are either connected or elected.

    1. It’s inconsitent; they had the sidewalk in front of 110 State covered for more than two years– and it was not nearly as hazardous.

  3. Ha, connected or elected. The owners are definitely connected, and by proxy, basically elected. The fact that Wellington Row is so close to our state’s Capitol only adds to the tragedy of the situation. Ironically, I challenge anyone to find a street bookended by two more beautiful buildings than State Street. I envision mixed use boutiques, residential, cafes etc. Why not our own Victorian Stroll, pedestrian plaza closed to traffic from time to time, or the area’s largest farmer’s market? Instead we get abandoned buildings, and perhaps the most beautiful Fed-Ex interior in the country. Seriously, you ever looked into that place?!? Don’t lose hope, I think a new generation in this city will push it forward.

    1. True… By the way, I do into that FedEx/Kinkos all the time; it is gorgeous. 90 State has a huge, beautiful former bank lobby on its first floor also — and it’s vacant. It would be a great space for something, but it seems tenants are fleeing downtown, not flocking back.

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