Cooler Heads Prevail

It would be exaggerating to call myself an insomniac, but even though I fall asleep like a champ, staying asleep has gotten to be an issue.

I’ll wake in the middle of the night and find the dogs staring at me, which usually means they need to go out. Or not. Sometimes they just want to go see what’s dwelling in the dark corners of the yard.

Other nights the fire department pager will wake me up, which means getting dressed and going for a ride. Those fire calls are usually nothing — but try falling back to sleep after having yourself jolted awake with a shot of adrenalin.

Now there may be a solution: keeping your brain cool. Researchers found that insomniacs were able to fall asleep more easily while wearing a water cooled cap that lowers their brain temperature. It makes perfect sense. When you’re in bed and your mind is racing, of course your brain is going to start heating up. And who could sleep with a boiling brain?

I wasn’t able to find one of those caps online; the closest thing on Google was a cooling pillow called the Chillow to go under your head, not around. Does that sound like a good idea, cooling only one part of your brain? Certainly not; it could just lead to more trouble.

This all gave me a terrific idea: if I can beat everyone else to market with a brain cooling cap, I’ll make my fortune. Sounds great doesn’t it? Perhaps you’d like a piece of the action. With my marketing savvy and your money, we just may be able to retire. You know where to find me.

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