Head Scratcher

WTF?I had a couple of bucks, so I asked the clerk at Stewart’s for a scratch off. Which one? I don’t know, pick me any of one of those two dollars tickets. Back in the car I grab a nickel and start scratching my way to victory. That’s when I realized I was in trouble.

Scratch the YOUR LETTERS area to reveal 18 letters within the box. Scratch each letter in the Cashword puzzle that corresponds to YOUR LETTERS.

HONK! The light was green and the guy behind me wanted to go. At the next light I continued reading.

Complete three or more words in the Cashword puzzle using YOUR LETTERS to win the prize shown in the Prize Legend. See back for details.

Details? HONK! The light was green again. I drove off thinking, WTF? They gave me the scratch off game for Mensa members. Actually, that can’t be: Mensans are bright enough not to waste their money on these things. I pulled over and started revealing my 18 letters. Then I started scratching off each letter in the Cashword box that corresponded to MY LETTERS. Ten minutes later I abandoned the project.

It took me a week to finally get everything scratched off. I’m affraid I might have voided the game, but if not I’m pretty sure I’ve either won $2 or $10,000.

By the way: If those Mensans are so smart , why do they have such an awful web site?

4 thoughts on “Head Scratcher

  1. No matter the game, it doesn’t matter what you scratch off. There are three little ‘random’ letters found sporatically under the scratch-off paint. For example, if you find a random W,T, and an O- that’s right, you won 2 bucks.

    But you knew that.


  2. What problems has MENSA ever solved? Alternative fuels? Race relations? A softer-ply toilet paper?

    Nope, instead, they get together and play word jumble games and pat themselves on the back for their immense IQ.

    I, for one, am not impressed.

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