Liz and Me

One day I walked into Starbucks at State and Pearl and there’s Liz Benjamin tapping away on her laptop. Holy crap! That’s Liz Benjamin, blogging royalty! Liz used to report for the TU and write Capitol Confidential. Now she’s with the News and does the Daily Politics blog. I felt a powerful urge to introduce myself:

Hi, Liz…are you writing a blog post? Really! I used to have a blog. It was called Albany Eye. Ever heard of it? Hey, didn’t I see you at Spitzer’s Day One Run at 6am on New Year’s morning in Washington Park? That was sooooo cool. Did you get one of those Day One hats —or would that be like a conflict of interest to accept a gift from a public official? I wear that thing around now and people laugh and laugh. So, what are you writing about?

Fortunately, I thought better of this and went to get my latte.

4 thoughts on “Liz and Me

  1. You were anonymous Albany blogging royalty, back in the day.

    I keep daring myself to wear my “SPITZER FOR GOVERNOR: BRING SOME PASSION BACK TO ALBANY” t-shirt to the gym, but I never have the nerve. Wearing something like that would cause people to talk to me.

  2. Thanks, but I thought of my role more as the e-village idiot than blogging royalty.

    You could get a funny blog post out of reporting on the comments from that t-shirt, but how much aggravation is a blog really worth, anyway?

  3. Not to beat the AE piece to death… but at some point a “True Holyhood Story” post may be required to tell us the whole story… who was writing and when… 🙂

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