Liz Bishop Wants To Be Your Friend

Just for the hell of it, I sent Liz Bishop a Facebook friend request.

Since I used to make fun of Channel 6 all the time, I figured I’d never get approved. I was wrong.

I don’t normally go around friending strangers, but it seemed like she was on the list of everybody I know, so why not? It turns out that Bishop, who’s been a fixture on Capital Region TV for as long as I can remember, is the hands down champ in embracing social media.

Usually people like TV reporters set up a page where you can be a fan — these accounts are usually very limited and almost look like they’re maintained by somebody down in the Web department. That’s clearly not the case with Liz Bishop.

Yes, she uses the page to plug the newscast by talking about hot topics and stories that are coming up, but unlike most public figures on Facebook, she accepts all comers and routinely responds to their comments and questions. Now she has nearly 2000 friends, and works every day to cement her relationship with every one.

Is it just marketing? Maybe so, but it’s very good marketing

Yes, taking her approach on Facebook presents some risks, but the rewards are great.  And if you’re not willing to do that, maybe you shouldn’t be there.

5 thoughts on “Liz Bishop Wants To Be Your Friend

  1. From what I hear, not many of those friends are folks who have worked with her. Not a warm and fuzzy person to say the least.

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