My Left Feet

When Dancing With The Stars comes on, I’m gone. I can’t stand to watch even five seconds of that show—especially not after what they did to Steve Guttenberg this week. Completely unfair. Anyway, I totally leave the room, except if Jason Taylor is on, because that’s more like watching football than dancing —and I DON’T WATCH DANCING. This is despite the fact that I am trained in ballroom dancing. I spent a lot of time with Ann at Lorraine Michaels taking lessons a few years ago. The first night there, the instructor came over and said we’d have to switch partners after each dance. Switch partners? “Yes,” she explained. “In a social situation, you’ll dance with other partners, so you need to get used to it.” Ann was watching to see what came out of my mouth. “Why would I dance with someone else?” It’s nice to know in a life full of saying the wrong things at the right time you can smack one out of the park now and then.

2 thoughts on “My Left Feet

  1. I always suspected you were a closet fan of that horrific show. You doth protest too much when any of us brought it up at the office!

  2. OK…I admit it. I’ve been in the room once or twice while the show was on —but only so I could spend more time with my family.

    Not sure I’m crazy about the use of the word “closet…”

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