News Corp. and 19th Century Medicine

At Gettysburg recently, I heard about how surgeons would amputate an infected limb to save a patient’s life. This is rather like what Rupert Murdoch did with News of the World: sawed it off from from his media empire before it killed the entire company.

But sometimes it was too late and the poisons had already spread through the patient’s body. You could cut and cut again, but nothing would help.

I read — and like — the NY Post. While I don’t care for Fox News, I admire them for doing what they do so well. The Wall Street Journal? One of America’s great newspapers.

The tentacles of the News of the World scandal will probably not reach so far as to pull down News Corp.’s American holdings, you’ve still gotta ask yourself: can I really trust these people?

2 thoughts on “News Corp. and 19th Century Medicine

  1. The Daily Show and Colbert Report have done some very amusing things with that this week. Specifically, showing footage of Fox News scolding other media outlets for reveling in the scandal.

    1. Just imagine how Fox News would treat this story if it were MSNBC or CNN.

      I haven’t seen too much of the coverage, but evrey single mention of this on Fox should be accompanied with disclosure that they work for Murdoch.

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