Simcoe Island

The only way you can get to Simcoe Island, Ontario is to take this cable ferry. Except in the winter — then you might drive across the ice if you are brave enough.

There’s a lighthouse at the tip of Simcoe, and fifteen years ago you could sit next to it and look out on the vast horizon of Lake Ontario. Today there are signs everywhere warning you to keep out. How times have changed.

3 thoughts on “Simcoe Island

    1. Certainly not fancy, but it gets the job done. If I’m not mistaken, when my wife saw it she said, “We’re going across the river on THAT?”

  1. It’s true that Simcoe used to be a bit more welcoming to day trippers, but as often happens, it only took a few idiots to ruin things for everyone.

    This is especially unfortunate for people who come over with their bikes, only to arrive at the lighthouse and find that the grounds are not open to the public.

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