The Pilgrim’s Primer

There have been a million words written about turkey in the last week or so, but none ring truer than these from a classic piece by food writer Kim Severson:

“No one remembers the turkey unless it is bad.”

At this point it’s probably too late for your bird so you might as well have a couple glasses of wine and accept your fate.


Concerned about turkey day overindulgence? You can find some handy tips on slimming down in this story about the crazy stuff people on NBC’s The Biggest Loser did to drop weight. It helps if you have $250,000 in prize money to motivate you. One contestant recently admitted he’d, “Dropped some of the weight by fasting and dehydrating himself to the point that he was urinating blood.”  Yech!

A great debate rages today over whether green beans have a place on your holiday table. Slate associate editor and annoying vegetarian type, Juliet Lapidos, checks in with a damning condemnation of green beans in general and Campbell’s green bean casserole in particular.

2 thoughts on “The Pilgrim’s Primer

  1. 99% of all creatures on the earths surface in this hemisphere naturally prepare for the changing season by storing food either in themselves or in a cache. The pilgrims more than likely were giving thanks because the indians weren’t having them for thanksgiving. If you check the manifest for the Mayflower, you’ll find that 25% of the cargo in the hold was alcohol. What’s that tell ya”.

  2. Tom: It’s nice to know that the Pilgrims were devout but not abstemious. As a Catholic I’m down with that.

    I’m not knowledgeable about cannibalism among the tribes that populated Massachusetts Bay, but it would seem they missed the chance to send a powerful message…

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