Who’s Your Daddy

Father’s Day is to Mother’s Day as President’s Day is to Christmas: no big deal.

And that’s OK.

We dads don’t really expect anything on Father’s Day —and besides, most of the Father’s Day gifts you see advertised are things involving work: tools, grills, and other mechanical implements. Hey, thanks! Cordless hedge trimmers! I can’t wait to get out there and trim the bushes on Father’s Day. Nope. We dads are happy to go quietly about our work without anyone making a big fuss over us. A card? Sure, but don’t spend any money. Really.

However, if you insist on giving dad a gift, he might be interested in the Nikon 18-200 mm ED-IF AF DX VR lens. This is the glass that Nikon fanboy Ken Rockwell calls “a miracle,” and “life changing.” It would allow dad to take nicer pictures of your children and your dog, so it’s not really a gift for him, it’s a gift for yourself. Is it expensive? Absolutely, but what are your memories worth?

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