The Insidious Power of the Internet

Could it be that the world economic crisis has something to do with the internet?

Really, think about it.

The web has done immeasurable harm to productivity by offering something infinitely more interesting than work. The trouble is that people just aren’t paying attention to things anymore because there are too many online distractions.

Imagine if everyone who was supposed be keeping an eye on the subprime mortgages were instead managing their fantasy baseball teams, following eBay auctions, and goofing around on Facebook. Meanwhile the residential mortgage market was falling to pieces. Oops!

There was a time when you wouldn’t dream of sitting at your desk and reading the paper. That would have been seen as the the ultimate in F-you I’m Goofing Off At Work behavior. Today the internet is the new reading the paper at work —and it’s out of control.

And why wouldn’t it be out of control? Is your job really more interesting than things like Popeater’s list of Top Ten Twins? By the way Kim Deal and her sister Kelley of The Breeders are on there. At 48 they still rock  which is something I find very comforting. Here’s they are back in 1993:


3 thoughts on “The Insidious Power of the Internet

  1. I have a friend employed by the State of New York who is not allowed access to the internet at work. At all. I don’t care how much that job is paying, I’m not taking it.

    Oh, and who knew the boys from Good Charlotte were twins?

  2. I’ve heard stories of state workers bringing laptops to work and leaching off somebody’s wi-fi signal so they can get around the blocking software.

  3. I find it funny that I’m reading and responding to this at work….clock says 1 hour left, how many more blogs can I read?

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